Anna Thorunn


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In winter a new landscape is created. Rolling green hills and meadows turn into white bulging blankets. Becoming even more beautiful, sparkling and mystical – carrying a promise of a new exiting adventure. A page is turned in the storybook of nature, introducing a new chapter: The fairytale of winter.

Kolur 305

Kolur 305 is inspired by the Icelandic fishing industry and in particular the trawlers. With the fishing trawler, Jón Forseti (President Jón) which came to Iceland 1907 and was owned by Icelanders, Iceland flung into modern age.The lamp light represents a ship light reflecting off the surface of the sea at night.


A memory of the old chocolate factory in Reykjavik which, on a clear summer´s day, would lay a blanket of sweet aroma over the town so you could almost taste it. A beautiful and asophisticated form that deserves as much attention as the ingredient it is made from. Table available in two sizes.

Sunrise tray

We are surrounded by forms in all shapes and sizes. Some forms may be natural but all forms rely on our imagination for them to acquire meaning.




The inspiration behind the candleholders The Family is to be found in the study of children’s toys that have a certain aesthetic ability or characteristics that exceeds the boundaries of childhood- an aesthetic nostalgia.

The family is hand made from Icelandic birch wood.

Feed Me

The idea of the Feed Me bowl comes from a news story about a raven couple that built a nest for its young in Reykjavík. The images of the young with their beaks wide open collided with another image- the paper beak and an object that could function as a bowl but also as a symbol for feeding and caring, was born. The Feed Me bowl is hand made from white ceramic.


Styrkur is inspired by movement, strength, softness and radiate which I think are the four element of a good dancer.
Dance is hidden language of the soul” Marta Graham



Geyma is two version of small storage with the purpose of making things more visible and easier to access. The idea of Geyma comes from plastic beads. Size of each storage is 12 Ø. The sheep is in actual size.


Ever since the first day’s of the Viking settlement a strong, unbreakable bond has developed between the Icelandic sheep and the Icelandic mountains. Where every summer the Icelandic sheep roams free along the unpolluted Icelandic mountains sides. Each particular “Mountain” is designed with respect to the original shape of each particular sheepskin and thereby creating the sensation that the sheep itself consciously adapted her features to the shape of the mountain. Each “ Mountain “ is marked with the identity number of the distinct sheep. The “ Mountains are stuffed with highest quality down.


Rúdolf is a magazine rack on wheels. The design is based on the traditional Icelandic food-tray that has been used by Icelandic housewife´s since the day of the Vikings. Rúdolf objective is to allow its owner to move number of magazine and books between areas or rooms with ease and comfort. Rúdolf is like a loyal household pet that joyfully follows its Master from room to room. Rúdolf is made in two different materials, birch-plywood / teak and Plexiglas.


Old kitchenware and old toys brought to life again as containers for small trinkets. The idea is to look at ordinary things in a new light. Each reSTORE container is unique. Collaboration with Björg Juto.


Norðurmyrin is a meat cutting- and serving board. It draws its name from a neighbourhood in the old east of Reykjavik. Its streetnames are named after renowned characters in the old icelandic sagas: Landnama, Laxdaela and Njala. These are examples of the streetnames: Audargata, Gudrunargata, Gunnarsbraut and Skarphedinsgata. When meat is cut on the board the bloodjuices rush down the streets. It refers to the conflicts that arose in the societies of the second and third generations of Icelandic settlers. Collaboration project.


The table 9 +1 can be used in two ways. On one side there is just space for one container where it becomes a part of the table. On the other side there is optional to puzzle together 1 to 9 containers.


I based my final project on the ornament filigree. Since filigree is very delicate but still has a strong structure, it reminds me of women and their caracteristics. Their delicate manner, strength and endurance. I decided to work with three generation of women that are related to me. My greatgrandmother, grandmother and my sister. I worked from there character so each stool reflects there personality.

My greatgrandmother Sólveig Guðfinna is born 1867. She wore the national dress every day as was customary those day´s.She had a strong character, but hard life had made a shell over her feelings. She lived with her husband and children in a small cottage by the see. They were very poor and had to accept charity from the community. They had one milking cow wich was very precious for them. The milking cow shared quartes with the family which was common in those day´s. Despite the poverty she always cared fore those who were worse than she was.

My grandmother Anna Þórunn born 1907 was big boned country woman. She was a very warm and patient woman. Her house was always open for every one with full table of food. She was creative and liked sewing and knitting, and she often knitted dresses for my dolls.She was a real grandmother , always had time for her grandchildren, She took me always in her arms, sung and told me stories.

My sister Ásta Birna is born 1963. She is slim and a beautiful woman. Industrious, firm and very decisive. She has a great carrier but has to deal with the modern womans dilemma of having to divide time between work and home. She is a woman of the world, always well dressed and wearing high heels even at home. She loves all things of beauty, fine vines and gourmet food. She is very superstitious, so I set one dimond on her seat, because it said that dimond gives protection for nearly every thing.


Dukson is a tablecloth, sportswear for the home. The hood and pockets got new functions as a tea cozy and a breadbasket. Dukson is sewn from a fabric that is popular for sportswear. Therefore it can be washed many times without loosing its color and does not wrinkle. Collaboration project.

Til framtíðar

The idea comes from tree carving and textile.


A typical Icelandic assorted chocolate from Nói Síríus is melted together. Therefore a new experience eating assorted chocolate when you have to break the pieces apart to get some chocolate. The packaging is made from the same material as the plastic trays in the current product only slighter thicker.


Nosú means “We “was inspired by the song” Till I found you” by Barbara Streisand and Brian Adams. As well from a picture where each leg of a men and woman form a one person.To different things join in one. The woman part of the chair is daintier than the man’s part. The wing symbolizes protection and you can bend it toward to your body. The fourth foot of the chair is made of porcelain, which reminds us of how fragile life can be, and we should take good care of it.

Lean on me

The inspiration of Lean on me is developed from reindeer horns and Icelandic nature. Branches and reindeer horns have in common to be thought of as bough.


Fiona is made from things that have known better days and have lost there former beauty and utility. But with this redesign they have gained a new life. The name comes from the form and the green color wich remainded me of Fiona from the movie Shreck.